Managing Product Variations

go over to the Manager tab to add the variations of the product that you're editing.

Simply click on the Add Product Variation button to create the first variation. The "Add Product Variation" box will appear:

This first product variation could be your default selected variation by choosing yes in the default variation selector at the top.

Give your variation a name. Keep in mind that this name is the title of the product, and will override the title you gave the product in the general configuration tab**.

Next, enter the SKU, and if it's an up charge, select the price type:

Equal to: You can just change the whole price of the item
Plus: Most common, adds the defined amount in the price field to the cost of the item
Multiply: Multiplies the cost of the item by the number in the price field
Plus Percent: Adds a percentage to the cost of an item

Add the additional charge in the price field according to the Price Type drop down in the previous step.

You can also set a Quantity Type. This defines whether the attribute has a limited quantity of uses or not.

Finally, if you did limit the Quantity Type, then enter the number available.

You can also choose to display an image specific to this variation. If the color was red, perhaps you would upload an image of the product in red here.

Scrolling down within the Product Variation box, you will see a few more lines of fields:

In the green box in the above picture, your product types will show up. In our case, we see color, test and memory product types. Your paGO installation may have different product types displayed.

Just select the correct variations from the types (you can select just one, or a combination of more than one variation drop down) and click save.

You will now see your first variation is complete.

To create the other variations on the product, just repeat the above steps for each variation. Below, you will see all the product variations shown for a USB Drive product.

Make sure you click the save or Save & Close button at the top to save your changes!!!

On the storefront, you can now see that there is a field for the customer to select the memory size they desire. The price automatically updates as the customer selects the up sell (both red arrows on right).

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