Product Settings

The Product Settings allows you to control what parts are displayed to the customer on the front end of the website when they're shopping. You can turn off and on the following items

  • Product Title
  • How may words a Product Title may contain
  • Link on the Product Title
  • How many products per page
  • Whether the product has a featured badge on it or not (like "New", "Hot" and "Best Seller!")
  • The quantity in stock
  • Show or hide the short description
  • If shown, how many words the description may contain
  • Whether the long description is shown or not
  • SKU (Stock Number)
  • Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Attributes
  • Media (videos and images)
  • Downloads (show if you sell downloadable products like e-books, images, etc...)
  • Product Ratings
  • Product Category
  • Product Read More (applies to long description)
  • Add to Cart Button (Turn off if just using paGO as an online catalog)
  • Add to Cart quantity
  • Social Media Sharing Icons

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