Creating a Custom Shipping Rule

1. Shipping Rule Manager

Establish your Rule Title, and choose whether the rule will be Published.

2. Shipping Price

A. Decide your price - This will be charged each time a person. B. Choose the Priority of the Shipping rule (this is gauged by 1 being highest priority).

3. Categories and Items

A. Select the category or exact item (depending on user preference and needs) to apply the shipping method towards.

4. Order

A. Decide when this Shipping Rule is applied, depending on what the customer's "order total" is setting at, so setting a "Start" of "0.00" and an "End" of "100.00" will create a range of $0.00-$100.00 in which this Shipping rule will be applied.

5. Weight

A. Here is where you can decide a range of weights for this shipping rule to be applied towards.

6. Country

A. Here you can choose which countries (and states if applicable) your shipping rule will be applied to, or you can type in exact zip codes to specify a precise range you'd like to covered.

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