Adding Attributes

Here you can decide on the type of attribute type you'd like to create:

  • **Name: Apply a valid attribute name (for instance "T-Shirt Color")
  • Type: Choose from a Color, Size, Material, or Custom, to decide a general "type" for the attribute to follow.
  • Display Type: Decide on how you'd like the different Attribute Values to be displayed.
  • "Show on Cart": Decide whether the attribute is displayed within the cart.
  • "Required option": Decide whether a user must choose an Attribute Value before they can add the item to their cart.


The example below assumes that the "Show on Cart" is set to yes

"The Show on Cart" option is used when the customer purchases an item (that has an attribute), in the cart view (on the front-end) the user will see underneath the "Description" column the Attribute that is in the cart.

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