PayPal Express

Active: Activate the payment gateway/Disable the payment gateway .

Test Mode: Decide on whether you'd like to test the gateway out (This means all transactions made within the store will only be considered a test transaction).

Username: Input your PayPal Express Username.

Password: Input your PayPal Express Password.

Signature: Input your PayPal Express API Signature

Solution Type: Sole: Allows payments to be made without a PayPal account. Mark: requires payments to be made with a paypal account.

Landing Page: Billing: Used to process Non-PayPal accounts. Login: Requires a user to login using their PayPal account

Brand Name: A label that overrides the business name in the PayPal account on the PayPal hosted checkout pages.

Header Image URL: Input the URL for the header image you'd like to use.

Logo Image URL: Input the URL for the logo you'd like to display.

Border Color: The HTML hex code for your principal identifying color. PayPal blends your color to white in a gradient fill that borders the cart review area of the PayPal checkout user interface.

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