Category Information Box

Title - Give the category a title, like "Phones" in our example above, or "Samsung" if this is to be a sub category of a previously created category.

Alias - entered the desired title as it should appear in the page url, so for example, The product was "Samsung S6 with Accessories", then the alias might be any of the following:

  • "samsung-s6-with-accessories"
  • "samsung-s6-accessories"
  • or even just "samsung-s6"

Publish - If "yes", then your item is shown on the shop's front end and is available to purchase.

Access - Who can see the item. Choices are as follows:

  • Public - Everyone can see it
  • Registered - Only those who have a paGO account AND are logged in
  • Special - Assign special rules in Joomla Access Levels for this

Parent Category - If left on "parent category, this would be a top level category (like "Joomla" in our example). If you choose one of your other categories, then that category is the main category, while this new category you are creating becomes the subcategory of that one.

Inherit Parameters From - If you have one category parameters setup that you'd like to pass on to this new category, just select that category here. In our example, if we wanted to pass the parameters used in the Samsung category to the LG category, then we'd select Samsung here to assign the same parameters to LG.

  • NOTE: If you change the parameters in the Samsung category later, then you change the parameters in ALL the categories that use "Samsung" to inherit parameters from.

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